Monday, March 4, 2013

March already!

Hey!!  Family, how are you?!

So, this week has been good.  Apparently, two gringas is just what Calderon needed.  We started the week with no progressing investigators, and now we have a few investigators with baptism dates.  Wow.  I am just so impressed with Hermana Norton.  She has grown so much and is just such a good, organized missionary.  She really is the best and the people here just love her.  We laugh too much and joke around with all the people, and I think that is what brings them to us.  I had forgotten why I wanted to be here on my mission, it was just so hard and horrible for a while, but now with Hermana Norton I remember how excited I was in the MTC and it has just changed everything.  And I even think my Spanish is getting a little better.  That is weird.

I am thankful for your emails and letters!!  I just like getting mail sometimes.  I don't know what is wrong with me, but I hate writing letters lately more than ever.  I just cannot think of anything to say.

Bueno, yesterday, we called Ana and she said, "Hermanas, please come by tonight at eight, I really need to talk to you."  We were freaking out a little.  We showed up and she told us her story.  Her husband has been in Spain and he just got back because his sister just died.  Well, apparently, he has another lady in Spain and they are expecting a baby and he wants a divorce.  She was so broken up about it and just needed someone to talk to.  You know, I am so thankful that we found her when we did and that she has the gospel in her life at this time.  I don´t know how she feels, but I know it is hard for her.  And I also know that it is for the best.  If he isn't going to follow the teachings of Christ in his life, she is better off working towards the temple with someone else.  

Man, all my mission I have seen the effects of marriage. And now I just realize how extremely important it is to marry the right person, in the right time, and the right place.  Your whole life depends on it.  There are so many good women and men who love and live the gospel and their spouses don't and it kills them.

I love you guys so much and I pray for you all the time.  I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and that I have a good family.  Hna Norton and I were talking about this, we both just have such great families.  We have seen how the family is being attacked down here and it scares us, but we know that everything will be okay because we were raised in the church where families are important and where we have programs to protect them.

Uhmm... What else can I tell you?  We have really good leaders here in Calderon.  Our district leader, Elder Russell from Sandy, Utah is really great other than the fact that he makes fun of my Kearns background.  During the week, we had some awesome, hard worked days, and he would just said, "Hermanas, you are doing so great!  You are beating us all out every night."  We were super proud of that... But then some stuff came up that made us slow down.  But everything is good.  We are going to have a great transfer.

What else is going on at home?  Give me details.  I have heard of some engagements.... My goodness everyone is getting married!!!  Ha, and everyone keeps reminding me of how much time I have left.  Stop it.  I am so scared to come back into the world - I have actually already talked to President Ghent, and we decided to extend my mission.  So I will be coming home just before Christmas instead of early November.  I hope that is okay with you guys.  I just like being out here so much. 

Everything is great here in Ecuador!!  Everyone keeps telling me how happy I look this past week.  I don't know if I looked miserable before or what.   So, everything is wonderful and I am loving being a missionary.  I love seeing the change in people's lives and I just am really excited for the next few days and weeks.

I love reading Chey's emails because she sounds like a little high school girl in love.  If she really wants to see some Latin dancing, send her down here. 
How are Erica and Jaren doing?

Well, I love you all!!  I hope you are all doing well!!!

Hermana Ellis

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