Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello, family!!
This whole week I was worrying and and dreading changes, because I felt like I was going to get a horrible companion... But Sunday night comes, we go meet with the elders in our zone and they start announcing the changes.  "Hermana Ellis, you will receive Hermana Norton."  I freaked out a little bit. Maybe that is a little bit of an understatement.  The elders thought I was insane, but I couldn´t help it.  I am companions with Hermana Norton again!!  This is going to be a good change!  We are already having success - the guard of our conjunto (apartment building) does everything for us... 
So, I heard that they are creating a lot more missions and dividing my mission...  So, later this year, I could have a different mission president.  That is weird to think about - President and Hermana Ghent are the best. 
Alright... Let´s see...  I don´t know what to say...
It was sad to say goodbye to Hermana Quispe, she is really great.  But, she is off to Ibarra, where Hna. Norton just came from.  And that is where Hna Quispe wanted to go, so I hope she has success and loves it up there.  I know all the members are going to miss her here.  And I am excited for all the members to meet Hna Norton, they are going to love her.  Yesterday, I was thinking that I was for sure going to have a Latin companion, because I have had North Americans almost my entire mission.  But this change is going to be a good one.  I am really excited.
Right now, we don´t have anyone with a baptismal date, but we are working with two families that we are hoping will progress.  They are really great and have met missionaries in the past.  I am so thankful for all the past missionaries that prepared the people here - it has made my mission just a little bit easier.  We have great members in this ward and we are hoping to get them a little more excited about missionary work and helping the new converts.
This past Sunday, our ward mission leader didn´t show up to teach the Gospel Principles class that the investigators and new converts go to every week.  The elders taught the last time this happened, and so they told us it was our turn.  We taught about the creation and I was just so impressed that the new converts were talking, sharing, and testifying about everything that we were learning.  The people who were visiting for the first time felt welcomed and all said they want to continue and learn more and follow the example of Jesus Christ.  Wow.  How amazing that these people who only have a few weeks/months of knowledge of the church can have such an impact.  It is because the teachings of Jesus Christ are simple and should be easy to understand if we are teaching them right.
The time doesn´t change here, we don´t have daylight savings - I think only the US does that?  I don´t know...
And my poor black car - that looks horrible.  Sometimes I wish we had cars here in this mission, but really in the buses and on the streets is where we met some of the best people.  And people here in Ecuador drive like crazies.  It isn´t as bad as Peru, though.
What else is going on back at home??
I love you all so much!!!
Hermana Ellis

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