Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello Family!!

We had a baptism!!  We were expecting three, but a half an hour before the baptism, two of our investigators were m.i.a., and that was hard, but we are over the sadness and hoping that they can still progress maybe this week.  If they do, we will have 3 baptisms this week!!  We are working with some great people here.  I will send you a letter with more details about the baptism and stuff in like two weeks... But maybe you won´t get the letter until like May, who knows...
Oh, funny story.  Thursday, during lunch, I was having thoughts about an earthquake.  Strange... I don't usually think about earthquakes in my free time.  I told Hna Quispe about it after lunch and she told me that I was insane and then we talked about the earthquake we had while in Atacames.  Well, guess what.  Saturday morning, I was walking around the house, I stopped in the doorway to talk to Hna Quispe, and we both stopped... The doors were shaking...  I thought the windows were open and the wind was doing it, but no, they weren't... Then the ground started to shake!  Earthquake number FIVE in my mission.  Luckily they all have been small.
So, the packages.  THANK YOU so much!  I opened the one from my friends first... I could not stop laughing.  They send me chocolate covered pretzels and muddy buddies, I told Hna Quispe, "These are from Utah, I don´t care that they have been in the mail for a month, we are eating them."  I tried a bite of the muddy buddies and it burned my throat.  Haha, thanks guys!!!  And Kristen, thanks for the picture.  My companion was worried why you were so serious and had a dog on your head... After I was done opening the package, she said, "Hermana, now I know why you are so crazy."  She thinks I am an unruly American.  And thank you so much for your packages, Mom.  I needed everything in there.  After I was done opening them up, I split up the stuff and gave half of it to Hna Quispe - I feel weird only getting stuff for me.

I learned how to make arepas, they are so easy... Even Andrew could do it.  Don't worry, I will teach you all when I get home.  Also, a lady in my ward taught us how to make empenadas.
I am going to send more pictures in a second.
Hermana Ellis



This is how we keep our feet warm during our studies.
 No, we don´t have heat.  None of the houses I have been in here have heat, except the rich people.
This is how we get baptisms - Hna Quispe is really aggressive.

And this is little Diego and his brother and sister. 

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