Monday, February 18, 2013


This past weekend, we were expecting one baptism, of L S, but instead, we had three.  

We met with A this week, and asked her why her baptism date fell through the past Saturday, she told us her story and then we asked her if she would like to be baptized February 23, and she asked us if she could be baptized February 16 instead.  We said yes... Of course.

After the baptism, the three gave their testimony and all said how grateful they were to have the gospel in their lives and thanked Hna Quispe and I by name... It was so sweet.  It was a really special day.

Yesterday were the elections here in Ecuador, and they only hold Sacrament meeting if that. Then after sacrament, we had to go straight to our apartments and not leave the rest of the day.

This week was a little uneventful... I don´t really have anything to tell you guys about.

Well, I better go.  Have a great week!  I will be fine and happy!!
Thank you for everything!!!
Hermana Ellis

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  1. Hi Susan! This is Joanna, Hermana Norton's mom. I used to have your email address but can't find it. Did you hear that the girls are together again? Hilary is SO EXCITED! I'd love to catch up sometime. Contact me when you have a minute. Thanks!