Monday, January 21, 2013

Tough News from Home

So that news hit me hard.  I was walking through the streets of Ecuador crying, but it worked to my advantage because everyone in the street was super nice and caring.  Maybe they don't see a lot of tall, white Americans walk around crying... I don't know.
Yesterday, I had to give a talk in church.  I figured I would give the talk I wrote about prayer two months ago for the last area I was in... Until about 30 minutes before Sacrament started.  I ended up writing another talk because I felt like I should talk about Covenants and how when we make and keep our covenants, we will be the most blessed and the most happy that living any other way.
Yesterday, we met with Luzdary M, she is Whitney´s future mother-in-law, but Whit doesn't know it yet.  She is the member who lost her husband 18 months ago and we cried with her in our first lesson.  Well, we asked her how her prayers were, and she said that she stopped praying because she didn't feel that the Lord was listening.  I know some times we feel lost, alone, and that the Lord isn't there for us.  But, family, I testify that He is - I have seen it so many times in my life here on my mission and in the lives of others.  He hears and answers our prayers.
I am not sure the situation or what the feelings are back home right now, but something that came to my mind this morning as I was thinking about it all was something that the bishop here said to me when I first got here in Calderon.  If we want to have success, we need to pray, fast, and fight.  I know with those things, we can overcome everything.  But, I want to point out that when we fight, we fight on the Lord's side without judgmental and selfish feelings.  I don't know your thoughts, but I know how people can be at times, and I invite you to step back and let go of any judgmental feelings you might have.  They won't solve anything and they will only allow Satan to gain power over us.  We pray and we fast because we have faith, but we also need to act and fight for what we know to be right.
The Lord is here and He knows what is going on, what is going to happen, and He will make sure everything works out for everyone in the end.
This past week, my companion and I got poisoned.  Okay, maybe the lady didn't mean to poison us, but she did.  One of our investigators, who is a little crazy, asked us to eat lunch with her after a lesson.  Worst mistake ever.  As we were walking away from her house, we both felt horrible and went home and could not get up until the next day.  My companion is still sick.  The day after, we visited the lady again, and she asked "How did you feel yesterday?"  My companion and I took that as her checking to see if her poison did us any harm.  But then, maybe she is innocent and we are the crazy ones.  I doubt it.
We have a family here, Ana is the mother, her husband lives in Spain, and she has two girls, ages 7 and 13.  They are so sweet and sincere about the church.  They have a baptism date for Feb 9, 2013 and whenever we say goodbye, they always say, "Please don't forget about us!  Come back tomorrow."  Ana said that before we started visiting, she had depression and could not sleep because they felt something evil in their house, but thankfully it is all getting better.  They are really special to us.
I love you all very much and hope that everything is going well back home.
Take care and I will write next week.
Mucho amor, 
Hermana Ellis

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