Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello family!!

I miss you all.  This past week I was thinking a lot about you all - it was torture!  But, at the same time, I love it here in Calderon!!   This is how I celebrated Andrew's wedding.

I told Hna Quispe that if we didn't buy cake, I would die.  I wasn't even hungry, but the cake was good.

Whenever I get home, I put my hair up like that.  Whenever I have my hair like that and I tell Hna Quispe to take a picture of me, she always tells me, "Hermana Ellis, do your hair right!"  I tell her no, we take the picture and she always comments that it would be better with my hair normal.

For New Year´s Eve, we went to the offices, got some shopping done, and then had to be in our house at 4:00 p.m.

When we got home, I started washing my clothes, Hna Quispe told me that I needed to take a picture to send to you because she thinks I am high maintenance...  And then she made me clean the house with her saying something about "if our house is disorganized at midnight, we will have a disorganized year."

After cleaning, we made goals for the new year - ironic that one of mine is to not eat after lunch and I am eating Doritos in the picture.  Then we tried to stay up until midnight, but at eleven, we were so tired and told each other that we could sleep for 30 minutes.  I was out the rest of the night, only waking up to hear some fireworks and Hna Quispe running around our house trying to see which window she could see the fireworks best in.  We were going to go up to the roof, but, like I said, I was out.

This week was really good - tough, but good!  When we were doing our weekly planning, we took inventory of our companionship and one of the questions was "What are your strong points as a companionship?"  Hna Quispe and I are really hard on ourselves and we could not think of one thing... Finally, Hna Quispe said, "Come on, we have to at least think of one thing..."  And I said, "Really, the only thing we have going for us is your Spanish and my blue eyes."  She ended up telling everyone that day that was our strong point.  And really, it is true.

Yesterday, Hna Quispe told me that she has more success with Gringas.  I think it might be easier for Gringas to get people to let up in their house at first, and then the Latinas teach the gospel the best in their own language.  Hna Quispe said that her Gringa companions are more spiritual than her Latina companions.

Last week, in our zone meeting (there are 8 companionship's in our zone), we were talking about our investigators, and there are 15 people here in our zone who have baptismal dates - 1/3 of those investigators with baptism dates are investigators Hna Quispe and me.  The zone leaders asked us if we want to have a competition of who could get the most baptisms, and Hna Quispe said, "Elders, I was reading in Preach My Gospel this morning, and these people are not just baptisms..."  She tells off the elders whenever we are with them.

The other day, we went to visit one of our investigators, Garada, and she wasn't there.  We prayed that we could find someone who needed our message.  We started walking and while walking, we found Garada walking home.  In that lesson, she accepted baptism and is really ready and excited.  She just has to get married.  Her husband has a hard heart and so we will see what happens.

Another one of our investigators, Graciella, is really special.  We got the reference from one member in our ward, and when we first met with her, I just felt a strong connection to her for some reason.  She is so patience and when I get frustrated with my Spanish and look to my companion to bail me out, Graciella always says, "No, go ahead, continue."  She is the greatest.  At the end of our first lesson, she said that I remind her of a missionary she met a long time ago.  

When I first got here, Hna Quispe told me that there are people here who need me specifically, and we found a lot of people in our first weeks together.  And then we were talking to a member and Hna Quispe said with her old companion, they didn't have much success in a certain area of our sector, but that is the area that we are teaching most of our investigators now.

I am just so thankful to be here in Calderon with Hna Quispe.  My Spanish is getting better, although it is still bad.  And my teaching has improved so much!!!!  I love it here!!!

Hermana Ellis

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