Monday, January 14, 2013

Garada y su Libro de Mormon‏

When defending ourselves from dogs, we pick up rocks...

And everyone makes fun of me for the size of rocks I choose.  I don´t know... If a dog is going to attack me, it will be the last thing he does...
First of all, one year ago this week, I got my mission call!  One year ago today, Dad had no idea I was going on a mission.  How crazy!!  I cannot believe where I am and what I am doing!  I am speaking Spanish all day, preaching the gospel IN ECUADOR!!!  My life one year ago was so different.  I am so blessed to be here and to have experienced all that I have... Even if it was a little hard in the beginning.  I love it.

I cannot believe how fast time is going!!  I only have two more weeks of this transfer, and I just cannot believe it.  And the next transfer is only a 4-week transfer.  It stresses me out a little.  We wake up, get ready, study, leave the house and then it feels like only minutes later it is dark and we are walking back to the house.  What in the world?  I am thankful that Hna Quispe and I get along so well.  It really makes a difference.  But, really, I have been so blessed with all the companions I have had.

This past week, we had interviews with President Ghent.  I was telling him about my frustration with Spanish, and he said, "Hermana Ellis, you cannot base yourself on the curve.  Your first months were rough and you received other opportunities, the Lord will make up for the lost time."  We hadn't been able to study language a lot at the time, and that night, when we walked out of an appointment, Hna Quispe started to laugh.  I freaked out and asked her what I said wrong.  She said, "Nothing.  I just think it is funny that when we don't have language study your Spanish is so much better."  One day I am going to get this Spanish thing.  But really, I don't think I will ever be happy with my Spanish....

Hey... What is going on at home?  I woke up one day this past week with a horrible feeling that something was going to happen.  I am doing fine, but I feel like there is something really off and I am not sure what it is...  What is up with you guys?  Everything is great here.

We had an interesting lesson this past week with an interesting person.  Her name is D... and when we asked if there was anything she wanted us to ask for in a prayer, she said, "Yes, a car."  Only the rich people have cars here, and it was so off the wall.  She is really nice, but there is something about her that we don't trust.  Our other investigators are doing great.  We have been busy and loving it.  

While we were at the interviews, we saw Hna Tellez who gave us a letter.  In it she said that she missed me and I was the happiness of the house.  Haha can you believe that?  Neither  can I... I have a major attitude.  She is just really nice.  She also told me all about my old sector - it was good to hear how everyone is doing.

Oh, also, there are a few elders here who offer Hna Quispe and I $20 for our little Preach My Gospels... Silly boys.

Hey, mom, if you can find an XD memory card for cheap, will you send it to me?  Hna Quispe doesn't have a memory card for her camera and it is an XD card type and we cannot find it.

Hermana Ellis
Hermana Quispe makes a huge deal when we are giving away Books of Mormon - photos, ribbon and all.  I love it.

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