Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hey, so I just wanted to let you know that I am transfering from Iñaquito to a little sector called Ofelia.  It is actually the sector that has the Middle of the World tourist attraction in it.  It will be fun...

Also, I am going to be in a trio again - story of my mission.  It is actually really weird, all these transfers.  I will be with Hermana Cooper from Texas (she is so funny), and Hermana Harris from the Provo area.  Hermana Harris actually went to high school with Hermana Norton and they were friends.  Hermana Morris is so lucky - she get to be with Hermana Giles!! and Hermana Rodrigez.   We were a little shocked that there are so many trios, but I have heard that President closed some sectors due to disobedience in some of them...  Yeah, it is a wild story.  Really disappointing, actually.  

Hey, I am so excited to talk to you guys for Christmas!!!  Seriously, I really cannot wait!!  I really think we will be able to Skype without a problem (everyone Skyped with their families last year without a problem), but to make sure, I will look into phone cards if I have time.  I want to Skype though.  I will probably write you an email on Christmas Eve and have all the info for you then.  Make me an account and add your account to it´s contact´s list, yeah?  Thank you.

Also, CeCe asked me if I wanted to come live in Grenada the January after I return home from my mission... I said yes.  Please tell her that if she is just joking, I will be very mad.  

Well, I have to go travel to my new sector.  It is only like 40 minutes away.
So, my p days are going to be changing back to Mondays.  Write me.

I love you all!!!

Have a great week.
Hermana Ellis

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