Monday, December 31, 2012


I am so happy to write you and hear from you today!!  This past week was a nightmare!!  For the past two weeks, I have had a hard time sleeping.  I know, right?  Me having a hard time sleeping?  Yeah, then these past four days, sleeping has been nearly impossible.  Really, I cannot sleep during the night or day - I have tired both.  One morning, my companion woke up and asked how I slept, I said that I slept just fine, and she said, "Hermana Ellis, I heard you up all night tossing and turning."  I finally had to call Hna Morris and beg her to recommend me a sleeping pill.  She told me to get a blessing and just relax, and that she didn't want me to take a sleeping pill yet.  I was at the point of a migraine and just emotional crazy when we went to the bishop for a blessing.  While waiting for him to arrive, his mother-in-law determined that the sleeping problem and the migraine were due to stress, she then said, "I have something that will take the stress right out of you" left the room and came back with essential ointment spray.  She made my companion spray it all over my head and then she started massaging my head - I don't know what is up with all the old people in this country and wanted to massage my head.  But, soon the bishop showed up and after the blessing, my pain went away instantly, but i was still dead tired. So we went back to the house.  Yesterday was miserable and...

To make a long story short - I had to drug myself with allergy meds to sleep last night.  I am hoping tonight I will be able to sleep naturally.

The bag of candy I am holding without makeup on - everyone gives those to each other.

These dolls are like scarecrows that people here burn at midnight to forget the old year and bring in the new one.  We helped our investigator, Yolanda, make them to sell.


Hey, thank you for the package!  I love the blue stripe shirt - 

Dang it - I am on a horrible computer and I just lost the whole message I wrote you.

Okay, I am learning to be patient...

I am excited for Andrew and Julie, take lots of pictures and send them to me!!

I am thankful that you sent me another preach my gospel.  I wanted to give one to Hna Tellez, but I didn't have another one, but this morning I gave it to her and she loved it.  It is like the best gift to give my companions when I leave them.  I am thankful for the new clothes!!  I wear that blue shirt too much.  And also all the candy.  I wasn't going to give the Twix to the office elders, but I remember you telling me that you bought them for all of us to share.  So I gave them the Twix this morning and Elder Vega said, "Elders!  Look what Mama Ellis sent us!!"  Then he told me to tell you that you are the best.  But, I think he meant to say I was the best because I was the one who actually shared with them.

I am sorry.  I am tired and cannot think of anything else to say...

I hope you all have a great week!!

I love you all!!

Hermana Ellis

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