Sunday, December 2, 2012


First of all... Mike's birthday was this past week, yeah?  And Dad 's and Jessica Sweat's are coming up this week.  Happy birthday to all!!  Secondly, what ever happened with Tiggy and her baby?  I have heard nothing about that...  And finally, if you want to send me some stuff.....

So, today, Hna Morris and I gave into a major addiction and bought some tres leche cake (I hated that stuff before my mission but now I cannot get enough).  We were walking to a market eating our cake when three dirty kids sitting on the sidewalk came over to us and started pointing to our cake and saying something.  I couldn't understand them.  But I felt bad for this poor, dirty little kids, so I just stood there looking around not knowing what to do, took a huge last bite and gave them my beloved cake. I only had half of my cake left, and Hna Morris says she had a bite or two left of hers when she gave hers to them.  We felt good about that and decided that we can keep buying it every so often as long as we are continuing to be good people.

Speaking of food.  This past little while, I have been starving like all the time.  I just keep eating everything and guess what - I am losing weight!  I love Ecuador!!  So I am pretty sure this means I have a parasite or something... I just don´t want to go get checked for one though.  Don´t worry...  I probably will!  It is just that I have been checked for parasites twice in my mission already and I always come back clean so I have my doubts about spending my time doing it...  Ha, and on the other hand, Hna Morris is so careful about what she eats and everything and unfortunately, nothing.  I hope I don´t have a parasite and this is just my life now... We´ll just have to see.

I love contacting.  Which is good because we need new investigators.  This past Sunday we were contacting and we rang this apartment intercom door bell thing and a lady answered and said that she couldn't come out because of the sun.  We thought it was just a lame excuse, and honestly, we have heard better.  But maybe she was being serious because she stayed on the intercom with us for the entire first lesson.  We are going to go back when her husband is there.  Maybe he isn't scared of the sun.

The other day, Hna Morris and I were going to our lunch appointment, and we saw a man on a motorcycle ride by and loose keys from his pocket or something.  We picked them up and started running to catch up with him.  I was a little bit in front of Hna Morris and at one point I looked back to see she had stopped running and had a look of horror on her face.  I ran back to her and she said "I... am... having... an... asthma... attack..."  I had no idea what to do, but luckily there were three men standing close by watching  the whole thing go down and one ran over to see what was happening, they bought her some water and made her sit down and stop crying before they let us continue on.  It was pretty scary!  But luckily, there are good people here in Ecuador.  There are actually a lot of guys that work around our apartment as like security guards or work in little cafes and shops around us that take care of our well-being.

Also, we went shopping last week and today, and I love it.  I love bargaining with those people.  Mom, you would be so proud of me, I am so good at it.  And you all should be happy to know that when I got home I realized that I buy more for all of you than I do for myself!  At least I think I do.

The other day on the bus there was a man with a boom box rapping for money.  It was awesome.  He was making up the rap on the spot about people on the bus.  It made my day.  Hna Morris told me not to smile, but I couldn't help it, guys that can beat box and throw a rap down are my weakness.  And then he started rapping about me, the white girl by the door...  Heavenly.

Oh, this won't mean much to you, but someone who might read my blog might be interested to know that Hna Morris has been singing David Archa... Whatever his name is.... "Crush" song...  It weirds me out every time.  But whatever.  Speaking of my blog... I have been thinking and I don't know if I want you to put on my letters anymore... Maybe just a part of them...  I will think about it.

I don't know what else to say, so have a great week!!

I love you all so much!!

Hermana Ellis

P.S. Elder Vega, an office elder was in shock that I didn´t get a package this week.  He said that he probably gets more excited that I do when I get packages!  So thank you very much for all you have sent me!!!!

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