Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Hello all, 

I got another package from you yesterday!  Wow.  You must be busy sending me stuff all the time.  The office elders are starting to think I am high maintenance.  But, don´t worry, I thought a lot about what you said, and after a lot of debating in my mind, I shared my American chocolate with them... It was tough, but I am getting better at sharing.  Hna Morris says that I am too nice when it comes to giving away stuff, but I have a lot, so it isn't anything.  Thanks again for sending that stuff, I only had two iron pills left - I would have died from the lack of iron, seriously.

It was great hearing about your Thanksgivings (or lack of Thanksgiving, I should say).  The night before Thanksgiving was a little tough because I thought I knew what exactly was going to happen the next day (how wrong I was).  I actually had a great Thanksgiving (I guess I should say that I had a great day, because Thanksgiving doesn't exist here).  But, it started out with our district/zone meeting (the leaders brought Colombian cookies, not pie) and then Hna Morris and I ran off to do some of her nursing stuff before lunch.  While doing that the other hermanas called us and told us that they had a present for us waiting at the house.  When we passed by the house, there was a little homemade pizza waiting for us.  Apparently they were under the impressing that the Day of Thanks means that we eat food 24/7.   Which, I mean, they are right....

So after tasting the pizza, we ran over to Hermana  Ocarez's house for lunch.  She is the best.  It was good - chicken and mashed potatoes.  She is from Chile, so she doesn't load us full of rice, it is nice.  Then all of us hermanas went up to Cochapamba to contact.  It was so much fun.  I love the hermanas in my sector right now.  It is going to be hard to live in a house with only one other person.  So while contacting, Hna Morris had to make a phone call, so we sat down on the side walk.  After sitting here for a while a police officer walked over to see if we were lost.  We weren't.  But since he started talking to us, we decided that he deserved to hear both the first and second lessons of the gospel.  It was probably more than he bargained for.  

The family Bayas is doing great, but Evon is nervous to change religions because it almost caused a divorce the last time they switched churches.  We are going to have to get the husband to listen to us...  We just don't know how.

Andy is doing great.  His family has not come to church, and honestly, I don't think they will be interested in the church for quiet a while.  But Andy is set on going to BYU and going on a mission, so hopefully when they see all the sacrifices he is willing to make, they will want to know more.  That kid just amazes me.

Joel is also doing well, and his family will actually listen to us, although sometimes I don't think they want to.  Dominica, his little sister is adorable and wants us to teach her 10 minutes of English every time we come over.  Now that I think about it, I think the only reason their parents will listen to us is because Dominica loves being around us so much. 

This week has been a little slow because of all the nursing stuff that Hna Morris has had to do... But we are surviving.  And, we are all a little sick, but that is okay too...

I really am at a loss of things to write today, we are going to go shopping after we write our emails and my mind is kind of on all the cool stuff I want to find.  Do you want me to send home some stuff, or do you want me to save it all until I come home (IN LESS THAN A YEAR!!!)?  Where in the world is the time going?!  It scares me.

Let´s see... my awkward stories from this week are:

1. One night, we saw the young guy that works at the restaurant down from our apartment.  He stopped to talk to us for a second and then introduced us to his friend.  He introduced me as some word that I had never heard before, and I made a note to look it up... But never did.  Later, we were at a doctor's appointment with some elders, and they were talking about someone getting married and I heard the word again.  Apparently, this Ecuadorian restaurant boy had introduced me as his fiance. 

2.  One day, Hna Morris and I were walking, and Hna Morris got really upset and said to me, "Does it not bother you that all these people stare at you?!"  I told her that I didn't see anyone looking me.  She then said "People glance at me and then just stare at you."  I think it is because I am so tall...  I don't know.  I don't notice it.

Speaking of being tall, my idea of height has changed.  I keep seeing people who I think are so tall, and when I ask Hna Morris how much taller they are than me, she tells me that they are barely taller.  I am going to be so weirded out when I get back to the states and see all this tall, white people.

I hope your Thanksgiving dinner goes well tomorrow!!!  I appreciate the invitation, but unfortunately, we are teaching a new family we found this week during the same time.... But thanks anyway!  Next year I will come.

I love you all!!
Hermana Ellis

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