Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 10, 2012

Hello, everyone.

THANK YOU for the packages!!  I got two of them on Friday and I didn't have to pay customs fees.  And, I didn't have transfers, but Hna Cantos and Hna Cubilla did.  So now, in our sector, we have Hna Morris, Tellez, me, and a brand new missionary who Hna Tellez is training that I don't remember her name.  Spanish names are the hardest!!!!!  And I am just a horrible person.

Okay.  Let´s see.  Let´s first start by talking about a man named Santiago (that means James in English).  Okay, one night, Hna. Morris and I were walking home.  It was dark and this man kept looking at us while he was walking... Finally, he walked towards us and asked what church we were from.  We talked and he said he wanted us to visit him.  We took down his information and went home and told our Latina companions that we didn't feel comfortable visiting him and they should go in our place.  When the day came, we all were so busy with other things that we didn't call and confirm the appointment and so we didn't go.  A while later, like a week or two, I was at El Jardin (a mall here in Quito) with Hna. Cooper (she is from Texas and is the best) and we were in a store and I looked out of the glass window to see a man staring at us.  I brushed it off because a lot of men stare at gringas here in South America.  We walked out of the store and the staring man walked towards us... He said, "Hola, hermana" and I said hola back while I continued to walk away from him, but I kept looking at him.  Finally, i realized it was Santiago and stopped to talk to him.  He asked why we didn't visit and that we can visit him this coming Tuesday.  I don't know... I still don't really feel comfortable visiting him, so I told our Latina companions that night that they need to go this Tuesday.  Hopefully everything works out.

Oh, I just wanted to tell you that those Snickers you sent me, the same bag here in Ecuador costs $7.29!!  Yes!!  That bag of Snickers goes for over SEVEN DOLLARS here!!  That is like more than a Cafe Rio meal, I think.  Man, I miss Cafe Rio.  Hna Morris and I are saving those Snickers for a special occasion.  I even had to lie to the office elders about not having candy so we wouldn't have to share.

And the scarves.  Of course I could tell who picked which one out.  I am wearing the one Cheyenne picked (or that I am assuming Chey picked out right now.)  The other one... Well, it isn't really my style, but at least you remembered by favorite color was blue, right?!  I will wear it sometime, I am sure.

I saw Hermana Umphenour this week!  It was good seeing her, she was my trainer, and she is training again!  Good for her!  She was a good training - listening to all my health problems those first horrible months of my mission.
So, with being the companions with the mission nurse, sometimes we are stuck in the offices all day.  I get so bored and do all the work that the office elders and the office secretaries don´t want to do.  One day, I was working on something and when I was done I was explaining what I had done, I did this and this and this.  And saved this here on the computer, and this didn't make sense so I changed this and organized this. The office Secretary, Sister Thomas just looked at me so amazed and asked, "Who trained you so well?"  And really, all my wonderful office skills (not that I even really have any) came from working at WECC.  Hna Morris and I were trying to fix a document on the computer and she stopped at one moment and looked at me so frustrated and said that she wish she could have my computer skills... And I just have to say thank you to Maggie at WECC for all of that.  She was so helpful to me!!  Man, look at me, proud of my COMPUTER SKILLS!!  I hope I don't come back all dorky.
I don´t know what else to say.

Wait... I don't know if Jess is still using her church email address...  Would you please find out what email she is using and sent it to me?  Thank you.

Love you all, 

Hermana Stacia Ellis

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