Sunday, November 4, 2012

I miss Declan, Eisley, Cohen and Jude

Can I just say that I miss Declan, Eisley, Cohen and Jude so much?!  I was thinking about Cohen yesterday for his birthday, and I just miss them all a lot.  Do not let them forget about me!!

Okay, we had a baptism!!  AND we have another one this Sunday!!  This is the life.  So, Joel got baptized, but he showed up an hour and forty five minutes late to his baptism because he was playing volleyball... On a Sunday.  But, he was so happy, and we were happy, and I think the rest of his family is going to follow in his footsteps soon.  This Sunday, we have Ana Fuentes getting baptized, her husband is a member and Ana is so sweet.  We love her so much.

Let´s see... I have a story for you all.  One night, we were at the Family Bayas´ house, teaching a little lesson, when Hermana Morris got up to sit on the other couch by Evon to read a scripture with her.  As she was walking back to sit by me, Jonathon started talking about how we are all brothers and sisters and that no one needs to be embarrassed...  We were so confused UNTIL I SAW IT.  I could not stop laughing, and my face was bright red.  Hermana Morris kept asking "What´s wrong?  What did I say?"  Jonathon told me to tell her in English.  I leaned over and whispered that her skirt was unzipped and that she needed a lesson on modesty.  I cannot even describe how funny it was, and thank goodness it happened with the family Bayas of all people - they are the coolest.  One night, we came for a visit and Jonathan and his mom, Evon were talking to us about how he needs a girlfriend.  We told him that he could pray for the opportunity to meet a nice girl, and then asked if he would say the opening prayer.  My goodness, that pray went on forever about how he wanted a girl to hang out with, talk with on the phone, and eventually marry, and he didn't care if "she was from Africa, Ecuador, or even Utah."  We told him to hold on to his dream of finding a girlfriend, taught him about the Law of Chastity, and kindly reminded him that missionaries do not date, then went on our way.  He sounds a little crazy, but this family is amazing!!

One night, we were walking, and I saw some kids playing jump rope, and I turned to Hermana Morris and said, "I just want to play with the little kids!!"  And she said that she didn't think we would have time.  After begging her, we finally stopped to play with the little kids.  It was fun.  We actually got a contact of a family of ten from that little adventure.

Okay, I am going to tell you this story, but do not freak out, okay?  Last P day, we were leaving to go preach the gospel, and we started walking around from house to house of people we thought we could visit, but no one was home.  We contacted a few promising families, and then started walking again.  I stopped and told Hermana Morris that I had a bad feeling, and she said that she had a bad feeling as well, but we just got done with our P day, and we didn't want to go back home, so we started walking further away from our house when we stopped a cute little family of three.  We talked to them for a little while got their address and phone number and then they asked where we lived, we pointed in the general direction, and the lady said that we should go home, that is was dangerous being out late.  We have never had any problem, so we said goodbye, and started walking, in the opposite direction of our house.  While walking, we both stopped, and talked about how strange it was that we both had bad feelings and that lady had told us to go home.  We ended up turning around and walking home.  As soon as we got home, we felt relieved.  As we were studying, planning, and getting ready for bed, we heard a gun shot but didn't think much of it (even though we never hear gun shots), and then a little bit later, we heard more gun shots and police.  I am not sure if we would have been in danger if we would have stayed out, but I am glad we went home without having to find out.

Transfers are coming up Monday!!  You have to send me emails, because if I have to leave Iñaquito, I might just be super distraught.  Seriously, I am so scared of leaving!!!!  So, yeah, if you get an email from me on Monday, then you will know I am sad in Ecuador.  The other day, Hermana Morris suggested that we pray they we are both still here and both still companions.

So, six months in the mission!!!  My release date is mid-November 2013, so I only have a little over a year left!!  Where is the time going?!  I still cannot speak Spanish, but this experience has been such a great one!!  I will probably write you a letter with all the most important things i have learned because I don´t want to do it right now.

And finally, Doctor Henderson, they mission doctor, was in Quito last week.  Hermana Morris had to go met him, and being her companion, I had to go with her.  Dr. Henderson worked a lot on my test results and such, so I wrote him a thank you card.  When I saw him, I thought to myself, there is no way I am giving this arrogant doctor my thank you card, he would not appreciate it and think I am this stupid little girl with no better way to spend my time. So, I didn't give it to him.  Then as we were leaving, I told Hermana Morris that I didn't give it to him and I didn't want to anymore.  She made me run after him and give it to him, thanking him for all he had done for me.  He responded by saying, "Wow. Thank you!  This makes me feel so good!"  After he said that, I felt so bad for judging!!  Man, I am a horrible person!!

Let´s see, what do you want to hear more about? Less about?  Tell me... 

I love you all!!

Have a good week!!

Hermana Ellis

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