Sunday, November 18, 2012

Andy got baptized!

Andy got baptized today!  And it was wonderful!  His Bible teacher from his school came and asked us a lot of questions and said that he would love to have us over for dinner and meet his family.  After the baptism, I asked his teacher if he had any questions.  He said that he had many, but first, he started with this one:

Bible Man:  From the talks during the service, I got that as soon as Andy sins so many times the Holy Ghost leaves him?
Me:  No, not exactly.  If Andy is sinning and living an unworthy life then the Holy Ghost will not stick around with him.
BM:  Oh, that is a lot of pressure you are putting on him, you know, to live a worthy life.
Me:  Yes, we believe that we should all try our best to follow the example of Christ and live good lives.
BM:  Oh, and so as soon as someone sins they do not have the Holy Ghost anymore in their life?
Me:  We also believe in repentance, so if someone sins, they can repent and have to Holy Ghost in their life again.
BM:  OHHH, so what you are saying is that you have to be worthy to have the Holy Ghost?
Me:  Dave, I am so glad we are on the same page!  That is exactly what I mean!!

Then I heard him go off and talk to other non-members about why we have a large safe in the church (to keep the TV and other electronics).  ALSO!  when I asked him if he had questions, he said, "Yeah, I want to know what they did for twenty minutes after the baptism."  He said it with so much disgust.  When I told him that they were just changing, he laughed and said, "Right."  He thought we took him back and had like a secret service or something.  Haha the man is crazy.
I think he found Hermana Morris and I super annoying because we kept it so simple and he wanted us to expand and be caught in his loopholes.  Little does he know that we are missionaries of the true church of Jesus Christ.

I love seeing people progress.  Both Andy and our other convert, Joel, want to serve missions!!  That is amazing, huh?

So, I am going to tell you this, please refrain from freaking out, okay?
Last Sunday, Hna Morris and I were walking, it was a kind of dark and two young men across the street towards us and one lifted up his shirt and pulled out a gun and yelled in Spanish, "Your wallets!  Your wallets!  Give us your wallets!!"  I just stood there, this little punks were trying to rob us.  I just guess I wasn't scared because he was so short.  Then, I just had this thought come into my mind walk across the street now.  now.  you need to walk across the street now. So, I just looked at the young men robbing us, and walked across the street.  I didn't even look to see if any cars were coming, which was stupid.  And as soon as I got halfway into the street, a car came speeding by.  It would have hit me if I had waited another second wondering what I should do.  When I got to the other side of the street, I looked back and they young men were standing there, looking a little bit confused.  Hna Morris and I walked fast and calmly back to our apartment.  It was a crazy situation.  I know we are so blessed here.  I never feel like I am ever in real danger and I have faith that the Lord is protecting us.

My eye is swollen.  I don´t know why.  Well, it is going down.  So, don´t worry about that.  My eye just was swollen when I woke up a morning or three ago.

Holy cow.  I thought Quito was rainy a few weeks ago, but, wow!  It has only begun.  Earlier this week, we met the other sisters in our sector at a lunch appointment, it was pouring rain outside.  We had our umbrellas, so we were fine, but they were soaked.  Oh my goodness, they were drenched!!  The new sister in our mission, Hna. Orralla, went to wash her hands and came back from the restroom with the reddest eyes from crying.  She was so sad about the rain, about the first weeks of her mission, and everything.  So we went around the table telling her all about the first months of our missions.  Everyone had a hard time.  Missions are hard!!  But, really, they are so worth it!!

I love you all so much!!
I hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Ellis

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