Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Week in Quito

Hermana Morris, Dominica and Hermana Ellis

Hello Family and Friends!!

I think I have a good computer this time.  Thank goodness.

Okay, let´s start with some important information....  Yesterday, Hermana Morris and I spent the day in the offices, where everyone was expecting "someone important" to come.  Well, two men walk in, and everyone is on their best behavior.  One of them stops for a moment to talk to me after the first introductions, and we chat for a little in Spanish and I asked a question about him, and he says something....  But I did not quite understand it... So he repeats it like 3 or 4 times, and then I think I start understanding that he is saying something about Satan?  So, my facial expression changes...  I was really confused why he was talking about Satan.  Then, finally, Hermana Morris turns to me and says "He is telling you that he is a member of the Quorum of the Seventy."  I felt so stupid....  So I said, "Well, let me shake your hand then!"  And then sat down to continue reading Preach My Gospel.  My poor husband... He is not going to be able to take me anywhere.

Oh, the story about that bread baby.  It is for the Day of the Dead down here, so all the bakeries are making them.  And every time we walk by one, I always say that I am going to buy one someday.  Well, apparently, Hermana Morris got sick of hearing that, because she bought me that one today...  It was pretty good.  Hermana Morris say it was the best bread she had in Ecuador.... I am not so sure about that.

Remember that little Preach My Gospel in Spanish?  Well, everyone loves it and asks me if they can hold it when I pull it out in district meetings.  My companion, Hermana Cantos, finally decided to take it to a print shop and see if they could do something like that for her.  Guess how much it would cost her?  Seventy seven dollars!!  Wow, right?!

Speaking of Hermana Cantos, the other day, we were waiting for a bus to take us home for the night on top of a hill.  Herman Morris and I were bored, so we pulled out those bouncy balls you sent to me and started to throw them down the hill as hard as we could.  Hermana Cantos nearly had a heart attack.  She was so confused why we would waste such "beautiful things" like that.  She wanted us to give them all to her.  I promised her that I would give her the ones I still had at home, and we continued our game.  Hermana Cantos has recently discovered static electricity and that you do not need to tape envelopes, you can just lick them.  I remember when she first noticed static, she came up to me worried, and said, "Hermana, I do not know what is happening, I have some kind of force around me."  I thought she was just joking, but she wasn't.  This worry continued for like 3 more days. She is the greatest.

Thank you for the birthday package!!  The coat mostly fits, it is just kind of big, my companions said that it is really cute, but that I need to have someone take it in before I wear it.  I really like it though!!  THANK YOU!!!

Last p day, we went to the park, and we climbed a tree thing (see pictures).  Well, when I got up, I could not get down because they tree was so slippery and my Toms have no traction.  So, I was up there yelling, "Yo necesito un milagro!!"  Some ladies standing around really got a kick out of it (see other photo where I am on the ground and safe with two ladies) and one climbed up to help me down.  Really, the tree wasn´t even that high... I ended up jumping after I had my dramatic moment.  They were really nice. 


So, with Andy...  HE WANTS TO SERVE A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot tell you how proud I am of that kid!!  He is the greatest!  I just love watching him progress!  This past week, we had another appointment with him and our Zone Leaders about the Priesthood.  It was the best lesson of my entire mission.  After the lesson, one of our leaders said, "I do not know if you Hermanas knew what the Lord was doing when he called you to this sector, but you are here for Andy.  One day I expect to hear a General Conference talk from him."  Really, Andy is amazing!!  He has such a love for the gospel and especially for missionary work!!  It is the greatest learning about the gospel with him.

The family Bayas, remember them?  They are great as well.  We were over at their house the other night meeting with the mom, Evon, and Jonathan walks in and Evon tells him that we are talking about Joseph Smith.  Jonathan asks who Joseph Smith is, and his mom turns to him and say, "Joseph Smith is a prophet called by God.  You need to listen to the Hermanas."  Then we help her daughter... Uh... I forgot her name....  with her English.  She has to speak English in a play at school, so we were all acting out her lines as dramatically as we could, then Jonathan started dancing like the man on Fiddler on the Roof...  The play is about King Arthur though...  So I do not know what he was thinking.

Speaking of young men named Jonathan... Mom, you met Jonathan P?  At first, I did not know who you were talking about, but it came to me.... I remember him now.  I am glad he is doing well.  Hopefully he had a good mission.  And hopefully you did not creep him out too much? Or the other way around :)

And will you please tell President Kennison that if coming home means eating his salmon then I am staying out here as long as I possibly can!!!  Just kidding.  Don´t say that... I don´t want him to know how disrespectful I am.  And, really, his salmon wasn´t even bad... Ha ha.

I hope you all have a great week!!

I love you all very much!!!

Hermana Stacia Ellis

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