Monday, October 1, 2012

Earthquake Number Three (The Highlight of My Week)

Hermana Rodrigez and I are crazy about the beach.

Middle of nowhere contacting.
 I do not even know what to write.  So I guess I will start with a little experience I had on the bus the other day.  I was just sitting here when I felt someone behind me start giving me a head massage.  A few seconds went by before I realized that my companions were not behind me and someone I did not know in South America was touching my head. I slowly turned around, and I can only imagine the horrified look on my face, to see an old, nearly toothless man smiling back at me with a scalp massager in his hand.  He asked me to read him something in English and then got off the bus...  It was so weird.

Yesterday, during church, the Branch President was talking when all the sudden the ground started swaying.  What?  My companion and I were so confused.  Then the swaying turned into shaking and it got stronger and stronger.  The members got really worried, and I do not blame them.  The Branch President kept saying, "Brothers and sisters, calm down, we are in the house of the Lord." (except in Spanish).  But some members RAN out of the building.  It was terrifying the way they all acted.  Luckily, the earthquake stopped and everyone settled down and we finished the meeting.  We meet on the second floor of a concrete building in Atacames, and it is probably the last place I would want to be if there was a huge earthquake.  But, the President was right, we were in the house of the Lord, and he would protect us.  So, yeah, do not worry about that... The Lord will protect us... At least that is what my companions and I keep telling each other.

We are teaching this "family," they are not married, but live together.  The lady, we will call her A, is 36 years old, and the man, we will call him E, is 18 years old.  Oh, wait, no... He turns 18 in December.  Yeah, I know what you are thinking... And the shocker is that they have been together for a whole SIX years.  Whaaat?!  But, really, they are the greatest people.  They are very sincere and want to follow the example of the Lord and be baptized, and they are willing to separate to do that, because the young man does not want to get married.  Hopefully, in the coming month, they can really start progressing.  I have heard a little rumor that he wants to actually serve a mission in the future.

Another lady we found is named Enriqueta, she has so much pain in her life.  One day, after telling us about what was going on in her life, she said, "I need your council!!"  This lady is in her 60´s and she is looking to us, 22 year-olds for council.  I know it is because the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace into the lives of those that accept it, and us as missionaries are examples of that.

This week has been a little tough, and I have had a horrible attitude, but I think that it will be okay. 

When are you going to send me a picture of Julie´s ring?

Have a great week.

Hermana Ellis

We took a picture of one of our investiagtor´s dinner before they prepared it.

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