Sunday, October 28, 2012


I am very grateful for you all.  I am thankful for the packages I have received, that you are sending me packages, and I am thankful that they do not have Christmas decorations in them...  The seasons do not really change here, so it does not feel like the end of the year.

Oh, wait.... Guess what!!!  Next week I have SIX MONTHS in the mission.  I have heard that after six months, time flies.  Can you even believe it?!  Six months, and I still cannot even speak Spanish.  I only have just over a year to learn it and to try to make a difference!!  Where is time going?

Okay, so this morning, we were supposed to have a baptism of Hermana Jessica U. (Her last name is a monster to spell...)  But, she was kidnapped by her father so she would not get baptized.  What?  Who does that?  But, Jessica is really great, and we are hopping she can still get baptized tomorrow when we have our baptism for Hermano Joel Caiza.  Remember the family Caiza?  Joel is the only one who is ready for baptism, but I know the rest of them will follow.  The little girl in the picture I sent last week, Dominica, she is his little sister.  So, BAPTISM TOMORROW!!! How wonderful, right?! 

AND the Family Bayas has committed to November 17th, so if they stay on track, they will get baptized the same day as our golden investigator, Andy.  Ahhh!!!  Finally, things are starting to get good around here in Iñaquito!!!  The other day, Andy said that he cannot wait until after our missions so we can all hang out and talk because we are the coolest.  Jaja, thank you, seventeen year old boy.  He is so smart, so we have some good conversations.

Let´s see, this week has just flown by, so I don´t have a lot to say. 

Oh, wait.  This week, I was told many times that I had the mouth of a Mexican.  At first, I didn´t like the sound of that.... But they all were referring to my tolerance of spicy food.  They just do not have much flavor down here in little Ecuador, so even a little spice is too much for them.

This week was actually a major turning point in the way I think about my Spanish.  There were times when I would have conversations with people other than my companions, and as I was walking away, I would realize that six months ago, I would never have thought I would ever have been able to do that.  I am really hard on my Spanish, but I am getting by, and it is getting better every day. 

I got a Dearelder from Allison!  It was great to hear about her little family.  There are some sister missionaries going home at the end of this change, like in a week, so I am going to send some letters home with them.  I need to write Blake, Allison, and probably other people.  I am so thankful for all the letters and emails!!  I just am horrible at writing back.

Let´s see, what else?

I did not take any pictures this week... Sorry about that.  But, guess what!  Hermana Morris dyed my hair this morning.  And can I just say that I am never letting anyone with OCD dye my hair ever again?!!  Jaja, I just said that to see if she was reading my email....  Apparently she isn´t.  It looks good. Speaking of Hermana Morris, I finally pickpocketted her without her knowing it.  I was so proud!  I guess I should focus more on spiritual things in my free time.

I love you all so much!!
Tell Chris and Andrea that I am coming to California to stay with them when I get home for a week!!  I am actually really excited that they are moving out there!!

Have a great week!!

¡¡¡Les amo mucho!!!

Hermana Ellis

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