Saturday, October 13, 2012

Computer Problems


My computer is going insane, as always.  And I just lost all of what I wrote to you about one of our greatest investigators.  I am pretty upset about it.

This week started out by our investigator, Andy, telling us that he had talked to his parents about being baptized, and they went crazy about it.  He was nearly in tears and he told us he did not know what to do.  So this week we spend a lot of our time worrying and fasting and praying and thinking about his situation.  He cancelled his appointment with us on Wednesday and we thought we were doomed.  But then this morning he called us and told us that he had talked to his parents again and they said they would support his decision!!  He is still going to wait until he is 18, which is next month, but he feels so much better about it.  And said that he feels that God played a part in this because families are important to his plan.  Oh, Andy is amazing.

Sorry, I am so upset about this computer that I cannot think of anything else to write.  I am going to ask the man if I can switch.  Hold on...

We found this little Mexican food restaurant.  Yes, food that finally has flavor.  I was so excited that I had to just walk into it.  And it is a good thing I did.  They gave us free nachos and said we could teach them the gospel.  What a win-win situation.

It rains so much, and I just love it.  I never want it to end.  All my companions hate it.  

I can only write a little in every email.  I do not want to lost what I am writing.

Okay, well it looks like I just got cheated out of one of my emailing times.  Have a great week.  I will send my pictures next week or something.

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