Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am on the coast

So, I am on the coast, and it is so hot and humid!!  But, everyone assures me that this right now is nothing compared to what it could be. Yikes.  I am with two Latina sisters, Hermana Tellez and Hermana Quispe.  They are so great!  I just love it here.  For our P day today, we studied, slept, and went to the beach.  It has been the best P day ever.  We are not allowed to step on the sand of the beach though....  I did accidentally.  My companions acted like I had stepped on a bomb.

So, my first two days here on the beach were the best.  I felt so good.  I just really was having a great time serving here.  And then, this morning, I started blacking out again, and my hands and legs were going numb.  It is kind of embarrassing.  Everyone here knows that I am here for a week because I am like sick or whatever.  When I got of the plane, the Zone Leaders were here to pick me up, their first words were "Hello, Hermana Ellis!!  You are the only missionary I know that has ever taken a flight from Quito down here."  It was either a thirty minute flight or a seven hour bus ride, and president did not want me riding the bus all by myself.

The area I am in is called Atacames.  It is beautiful!!!!
I am safe here.  My companions know where to go, and in the sector there are a lot of tourist, so all is well!

I love you all!!

Hermana Ellis

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