Saturday, September 1, 2012

How soon can I be baptized?


I have an awesome experience!  We have been teaching this young guy named Andy this past week, and in the first lesson, he asked, How soon can I be baptized?  He is amazing!  And the best part?!  He speaks ENGLISH!!!  And like no Spanish.  I love lessons with him.  Right now, we are teaching him and he is working towards a baptism after his 18th birthday in November.  He is so great and he understands everything we are teaching him so well.  Before our first lesson, he had downloaded the Book of Mormon on his ipad and Section 89 of D&C came up and he asked us to clarify and said that he wanted to make changes in his life and start brand new as he was becoming of adult age. 

The other day, all our appointments had dropped and we had no idea what to do, so we prayed and then Hermana Morris said she wanted to make some phone calls so we all sat down on some steps and made phone call after phone call.  Nothing came of it, and before we left, we figured that we might as well contact the door of the steps we had been sitting on.  Inside, we found a family of four, and Erica, the wife/mother of the household, let us in and we taught them.

Another experience was a little run-in with a crazy lady who said she was Catholic, but I have been to Mass before, and Catholics are not as insane as she was.  She was telling us stuff about ourselves by our birthdays.  She told me that sometimes I get angry and that I love God a lot.  And then she went on to say that we should always carry around our own forks and spoons, and ended by inviting us to a little exercise party in the park on Sunday, but we have a little prior commitment called church.

Missionary work with Hermana Morris and Hermana Cantos is so much fun.  They are the best and we are teaching some really great people and families right now.  I mean, it is really hard.  Missions are hard, but so far, it has been really rewarding.

Oh, something else... I have myself a little admirer who works in a restaurant by where we live.  One night, we stopped by to get some food.  This was back a while ago, right after I got my MRI, and he was standing across the room, and he was mouthing a word to me over and over.  I had no idea what he was saying, but after a minute, I realized that he was mouthing the word, "guapa" over and over again.  Guapa means like beautiful, good-looking.  My goodness, so awkward.  Then, today, he followed us into a little shop. Here in Ecuador, they greet people by kissing on the cheek, but we only greet the same sex like that because we are missionaries, right?  Well, today, he went in to greet me with a kiss twice.  Luckily, extending my hand to a hand shake deferred him.  Then our little stalker said that he wanted to marry me before he left the shop.  I thought I was getting away from this kind of stuff when I came to Ecuador...  I was mistaken.  I have actually resorted to elbowing men on the bus when they get too close to me.  I hate buses here.

Everything here in Ecuador is great!!
I hope you are all having a great time in Utah, or Grenada, or Canada!!

And, Mom, I got everything in the package.  Thanks!
And my health is better.
And some of the pictures are of my favorite people from Ibarra.

I love you all!!

Hermana Ellis


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