Saturday, September 8, 2012


Guess what.  We now have a full hour to email our families!  ¡Que milagro!  We used to only have a half hour, so this is great.

So this week was really slow in the work, but we found a really great family, the Familia C.  They are a family of 5 who attended church this past Sunday, and we have another appointment with them tonight.  In this family, there is a little girl named Dominica, she is eight, and she is so funny.  During lessons, she just touches my arm, or my hair, or draws pictures of me.... I think it is because my white skin and my knowledge of the English language, she is learning English in school.  They are a great family, and I hope they can really start progressing.

And, of course, we are continuing teaching Andy.  Lessons with him are the best, probably because they are in English, and he is really just so great.  In his pray this past lesson, he said, "Thank you, Lord, for the knowledge you are giving me though your missionaries."  It was the best.  After four months of feeling like I cannot communicate with anyone clearly, hearing him say that was really comforting.  I am so impressed with him.  I hope I am here when he gets baptized, he wants to wait for his 18th birthday in November because his parents are kind of really Evangelistic. 

We have a few other families and investigators that are progressing slowly but surely.... Well, I hope they are... Sometimes I cannot understand what people are saying during lessons.  Sometimes I can speak/understand Spanish, and other times I have no idea what is going on.

And, this past week, we got rejected.  Big time rejection.  It was the worst feeling in the world.  A family of four told us they did not want to hear anymore about the church.  My companions just stood there trying to convince them, but they could not really care less.  One thing Elder Holland said when he was down here, was that if people cannot accept that there is still revelation today, we need to excuse ourselves from the house and search for others that are ready for this message of the gospel.  It was tough and kind of depressing especially because they would not even pray!!  Hello, just pray!!  One day they will come around.

This week, we also spent a lot of time trying to support Hermana Morris in her calling as Mission Nurse.  I say try because I cannot really do anything because I do not know a ton of Spanish or medical stuff... She just had a lot of stuff to do, so I basically read the Book of Mormon a lot.

¿Que mas? ¿Que mas?  Oh, Hermana Morris and my favorite past time right now is trying to pickpocket each other on the buses.  Neither of us has ever stolen anything from the other yet, but we are getting pretty good.  I can only imagine what is going on through the Ecuadorian's minds when they see two gringas trying to steal things from each other and laugh about it.  Hermana Morris has been nearly pickpocketted twice since we have been companions, and both times I have seen it and told her that she was getting robbed, and then she just starts talking loud Spanish about how rude people are.  It is really kind of funny.

I added a few pictures of my and my companions, they are horrible pictures, but my companions are so great!!!

Thank you for everything!!  I love you all!!
And I am so thankful for all the letters and email!!

Hermana Ellis

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