Monday, August 13, 2012

First Transfer

First, I love you all so much!!  I am thankful for the letters and emails.

Second, I have been transferred!!!!  Quito with Hermana Morris and Hermana Canton.  Hermana Canton is from Ecuador and just served in the coast.  Hermana Morris is the mission nurse and is my favorite.  Hopefully my Spanish will get better with having a Latina comp.  Although, everyone says my Spanish is excellent for 6 weeks in the mission.  They are lying though.

Okay, so first, I just want to say that I love Ecuador!!!  I love it so much and the people as well.   But I have not felt well since I got here, really.  I have been to a few doctors appointments and had a little exam called an MRI and everything is normal!!!  Except my heart... It beats 30-50 beats per minute, and the normal is like 80-100.  My doctor, Dr. Thug, who is wonderful!, says it is because Ecuador is really high in elevation.  He prescribed me a two day vacation to the beach to see if the low elevation would help.  President did not approve that though....  Too bad.  So, I am going to have a little appointment with a cardiologist this week.  But, still, everything is great!  Do not try to contact my mission president, Mom.  Do not worry, because the only thing that is really wrong is like lightheadedness and like not having any energy.  It is fine though, because I love it here.  But three doctors have said that I need to go down to a lower elevation, and in the coast, north American sisters do not really serve, so I do not know what is going to happen....  I hope that the cardiologist can fix my broken heart.

Andrew is engaged!!! I am really excited for him and Julie!!  Hermana Norton refers to Julie as the cupcake girl and we both approve. I saw her and Hermana Giles this past week.  They are doing well!!  The first thing Hermana Norton commented on was how I look thinner.  Isn´t she the best?

My last days in Ibarra were great.  We were teaching a lesson on a front porch, and these little boys who followed us to the house were standing around listening, like 5 of them.  And during the lesson to a lady named Luz and her son, Christian, one of the little boys, Alejandro, comes up to me, wraps his arms around my neck so tightly, and gets really close and whispers, "¿como se dice blah blah blah en ingles?"  I had no idea what he asked me, so I told him it was "I need English classes"  He turned to his friends and stated that he needed English classes.... Oops...  It is like the time in the CCM when I told a guy that princess was really palace and so he went around calling elders palaces.    Anyway, later in the lesson, I started to here a crackling noise and it just got louder and louder until I realized it was a wild fire on the mountain side we were on!!  So everyone started gathering water to put it out...  It was insane.

I feel terrible that I have not written anyone back... But now that I am in Quito and have some post offices near by, I will write actual letters and send them off, I only get 30 minutes for emailing and I freeze up... So, sorry friends!!

Also, since I am a companion of the nurse, my p day is changing to Saturday.  And since that is when all the good shopping markets are open, I am very happy. Speaking of shopping go ahead and tell Fred Schut that I got a little nativity set for him.  I got an awesome deal, and when I told Hermana Umphenour I was not keeping it, she said I was a nicer person than she was, but then I told her that I had a huge crush on his son, and she understood.  Hermana Umphenour is the greatest, I am going to miss her.  I am going to miss everyone in Ibarra!

Have a great week!!!
I love you all!

Hermana Ellis

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