Monday, July 16, 2012

This has been a rough week!

This has been a rough week!!!!

I may or may not have called my mission president with the intent of telling him I wanted to go home.  And he may or may not have told me and my companion to get on the 2.5 hour bus ride to Quito.  You see, I have been having a horrible abdominal pain and nothing the mission nurse told me to do was working, and I could not eat or I felt like I was dying.  So, after suffering for a few days, I could not take it anymore, and wanted to come home.  But the president thought I should see a doctor.  My first South American doctor experience begins....

I went with the mission nurse, Hma. Morris, and my companion Hma Umphenour (both from Riverton, Utah).  And the doctor, a young thug, asked a ton of questions and just made me cry a lot.  And he asked, randomly, if I had problems with my thyroid.  Great.... Even South Americans can see all my problems...

The doctor thought I could not speak Spanish because I would only talk in English to the nurse and my companion, so he talked about me, how much he thought I was scared of doctors, and I understood it all.  Joke is on him.

So, anyway, I have to take pills for my stomach.  And he wants me to come back in and have a blood test and a kidney ultrasound thing.  BUT DO NOT WORRY!!  I AM FINE!!!  I really am.  If I was really sick, I would be home already... I do not really have a high tolerance to pain, you know.  After not eating for a few days, I am so weak and tired, though... And if he could tell my thyroid was off just by looking at my throat, I am a little scared that my energy level is going to fall dramatically.... The thought of 16 more months of feeling tired like this makes me scared.... But, this will all pass, I am sure.  Like I said, I AM TOTALLY FINE!!! 

Okay, so this past Thursday, my companion and I got nearly attacked by 6 dogs on four different occasions.  My companion says in those moments you find out if you fight or flight.  She fights, looks for rocks, tried to scare them with her water bottle.  But I freeze and start yelling the word NO over and over at the top of my lungs until the dogs run off.  Then I go into this hysterical laugh/cry because I am so terrified.  It is so pathetic. 

So, I cannot speak Spanish still... Except, Hma Umphenour says I talk Spanish in my sleep.  Weird, huh?  When I am wake it is impossible.  All the lessons are a blur because I cannot speak, but I can understand a lot.  But, I had the best experience.  We met this guy named Marcelo who was getting separated from his wife, and guess what!!!  He speaks English!!!  I got to teach him in English which was the best experience of my life!!  I love English so much right now.  It was amazing.  He told me that it was exactly what he needed to hear and I was his friend.  I guess I have a friend in Ecuador. Anyway, the story ends with him working it out with his wife and him telling me he can teach me Spanish in 7 days.  Whatever.

The people here, I totally adore, they are so friendly and good to us missionaries.  And Ecuador is beautiful!!  I really love it here!!

I got your package the day I arrived in Ecuador, Thank you!!!  I do not really eat chocolate anymore, so I have a huge stash.
I print out emails in the morning and write back in the afternoon, so send me emails, I do not get letters.
And I am fine, very healthy! Seriously.


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