Monday, July 30, 2012

Feeling much better and answering questions from home

Good news!!  I do not have parasites!!  They say I have a slight kidney infection and stomach bacteria.

Are you able to eat? Yes, I am able to eat now...  All I want to eat are empanadas though. 

Do you have any energy? When I went to the doctor, they said to combat my lack of energy, eat more fats.  Thanks, doctor.  We ended up getting hamburgers.

How often do they have transfers in your mission? Every six weeks - coming up next week.

Do you work closely with the Elders? Yes, we have an awesome district.  There are only six of us, and all of us are North American except one Elder from Peru

Are there any cars that the missionaries use in Ecuador? No cars at all.

What are you eating?  Carbs.

What seems to be making you sick?  Carbs.

What food can you tolerate? I can handle mostly anything now.

How often do you get your mail?  When I go into Quito, or my Zone Leaders get back from a trip from Quito.

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