Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/12 Late in the day email

Mom!  Hello!!

I am doing great!!  I gave your email to Hermana Ghent, the mission president´s wife, and she is going to email you probably in a few days and let you know how my doctor´s appointments go (I have them tomorrow, and a test results on Wednesday).  Honestly, my health is not that bad.  I just have abdominal pain and feel really tired, but I am surprised by how much I am still able to do.  The Lord is definitely with me.

I love Ecuador!!!  And I love Ibarra!!!!!  I never want to leave!!!  It is perfection.  Everyone keeps saying that it is probably super hot and humid here, but it is amazing.  I do not need a jacket, except at night, and super hot?  No, we do not even sweat - and we walk a lot.  So, Ibarra is heaven.  And the people there are so great to us, even non-members.  I feel very safe here.

Oh, before I forget, can you please send me in the package a flashdrive with tons of church music on it (Kristen Holman could help you), and my companion wants some Jerico Road on there.  Also, please include Jack Johnson songs, especially one that goes like "when your mind is a mess so is mine, I can´t sleep because...." yeah, you get the idea.  They have little systems where you plug in a flashdrive and it plays the music.  So, tell Kristen to load all the church music/soft sounds music on there, and I can delete it if I do not want it.  And.... she should probably throw all of Ingrid Michaelson on there too.
Okay, I am so thankful for everyone´s letters and emails!!  I wish I had more time to write back, but for the time being, we only get 30 minutes of internet time to email and I have had no time to write letters, but I am going to write back!!!  I promise.  Blake wrote to me, and if he could send me Jaren´s address, I want to write him.

Regarding medications, I still have some, they can last me for a little bit.  I really am doing well though.  Although, I will not lie, it has crossed my mind to see if I could get reassigned to the states, I even had a dream about it... But in my dream, I got called to Alabama, and I just like the idea of Ecuador better.

Saturday, we had interviews with President Ghent, and then afterward, Hermana Ghent asked if she could come to our appointments with us.  Of course we said yes, because we love her.  And we had a great experience.  We helped a little old lady get water from a natural spring and carry it up a hill to water her garden.  We looked ridiculous in our skirts trying to hike up the hill, and I made a comment about how we needed pictures to Hermana Umphenour, and then, right on cue, Hermana Ghent whipped out her camera.

The other day, we ran into one of our investigators, Miller, on the street.  He was drunk and asked us for money.  People here are so willing to listen to us and want to get baptized, they just do not want to give up drinking, they don´t want to come to church, they don´t want to get married, or they don´t want to fast for two meals a day.   There are some interesting people here.  But I love them so much!!  I think I might be more compassionate than before the mission.... Weird.

Okay, I have to go!!  Hermana Ghent is going to email you.
I love everyone for writing me!!  I love the awkward/funny dating stories from Jessica Raush.  I love Ironman references in the gospel.  I just love it all!!

Sometimes I wish all my friends and family could come enjoy Ibarra with me.

Have a great week!!!

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