Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 20, 2012

Elder Christiansen.  I know him.  He is a really nice guy that was in my district in Provo, but not down here.
So my companionship got switched up, I am with Hermana Norton 24/7 as my only companion now, and I love it!  She is so great, and so awesome at Spanish.
This morning was an adventure.  After we went to the Temple, Hermana Norton and I went shopping then we decided to try to find the post office so we could send off letters and small packages (I have not forgotten about Cece - which, by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DECLAN!!!!!) and so we started walking to where we thought the post office was.  Turns out we had no idea where the post office was and ended up alone in a quiet neighborhood of Lima.  We stopped.  Said a prayer that we would be able to accomplish why we were there.  And went on our way.  A short distance from where we said the pray a man pulled over in a Taxi car and asked if we needed a ride.  We said yes and got into his car.  He said he did not know exactly where the post office was, but since we knew which street it was on, he said we could just look for it.  After we had been driving for only a few seconds, I had a feeling like we needed to go back to the temple.  So I turned to Hermana Norton and asked her what she was feeling.  We decided to just head back to the temple, (which he knew how to get there).  And on the drive back, Hermana Norton started talking to him about the gospel and he had attended church a few time when he lived in a different city.  When we got to the temple, she gave him a pass along card and we hopped out while he just laughed at us.  It was crazy, and we did not make it to the post office, but we felt really good about the whole situation.
This past Sunday was Fast Sunday, and so, of course, I fasted for my Spanish (which is still really horrible).  The past few days, I did not know if I should study my scriptures or my Spanish because I felt like both were lacking so much.  But, while reading in the Book of Mormon, I came to 2 Nephi 32: 1-4.  Read it.  Not being able to speak Spanish very well had made me focus more on feeling the Spirit and following the impressions I get.  And it has been hard.  But I have had so many great experiences that I will write in a little letter for you all (I found some American stamps).  I think that not picking up on Spanish right away has been a real blessing as well as a huge discouragement.  But, luckily, the Lord has given Hermana Norton and me just enough success to make everything worth it.  I will explain more in my letter.
I do not know when Father's Day is, but HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD!!!  I hope you have a great day (or had a great day)!  You are the best, and I am so thankful for you!!
Thank you!  I love you!!
Hermana Stacia Ellis

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