Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012

I am not sure if I should tell you this or not, but Lima is expecting an earthquake that is expected to kill about 50,000 people, and so far, I have felt three earthquakes here.  The first two were really small, and the third one was small too, but stronger than the other too.  It was crazy.  One of the North American elders ran outside in fear of his life.  The rest of us just sat there....  But I survived!!  All three.
I went to a little city called Rimac on Saturday to teach REAL people outside the CCM.  It was crazy.  Last Thursday, my Latina companion and I were planning a lesson to teach to a man named Maguel.  Well, we started to have a little disagreement because she wanted us to sing to him, and I thought that was a horrible idea.  And so we were going back and forth on the subject, and then her eyes started to water.  She really wanted to sing to him... So I agreed that I would sing.  But luckily, while we were at his house, we did not sing at all.
While in Rimac, I got a lot of attention because I was white... Well, I am assuming that is why I was getting so much attention.  I was attracting drunks, guys who wanted to add me on Facebook, and guys who wanted me to read to them in English.  But, I had an easy experience, some elders were robbed, and some other elders were followed by some drunk men. 
In our last 20 minutes, my Latina companion and I were told to just go knock doors and so we did.  And we found this guy named Cristopher, AND HE LET US IN!!  He is just this 25 year old guy who cleans for a living and laughed at all my attempts at Spanish, but was really nice.  We told him all about the Plan of Salvation, gave him a Book of Mormon and got him to commit to reading it, and he told us that we, or other missionaries, could come back later.  What?!?!  My first time tracting and I got super lucky!!  I hope the rest of my mission is that good.
My Latina companion left yesterday, and it was really sad... She stayed up the last few nights she was here singing until like 11:00 at night...  It was torture.  She gave me a letter that another sister here translated into English for her.  It was so sweet.  I got a new companion today, but only met her in passing.  Out of Hermana Norton, Giles and I, I am the only one with a native companion for the next three weeks, Hermanas Norton and Giles are companions in and out of class.  Hermana Norton is so great!!  She can handle anything!!
Today, we went into Downtown Lima, and holy smokes, the buildings are beautiful!  All the European culture and such.  We went shopping, which was great!  I got a soccer jersey... Which brings me to my next subject, how good Hermana Norton and I are at soccer.  We have been playing with the elders, and we are awesome, and they claim it is only because they do not want to hurt us when we try to steal it from them, but we know better.
Okay, back to downtown... We went to a museum about the Spanish Inquisition and then just shopped... Well, we only had 35 minutes to shop... And then we went to Pizza Hut.  American food never tasted so good.
I still love it here.  Even though my Spanish is still horrible, and my hair is still always a disaster because of the humidity, I just love teaching people and getting to know all the missionaries here.
I hope all is well at home!

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