Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Extra time = extra email

Apparently, I have more time to email.  The pictures I sent in the last message was my district, my roommates and Hermana Norton and I in our pajamas - I wore her glasses so we would match.
Story about my health...
One day, my companions and I were not feeling well, headaches, stomach aches, and the such.  So, when the front office found out about it, one of the head ladies came into our classroom and started rubbing peppermint oil on our heads, saying it would get rid of the headache.  She then left and came back like 20 minutes later and pulled us out of class.  She gave us more oil to rub on our stomaches and then she gave us glasses of really warm water that she poured peppermint oil into.  It was the grossest thing in the entire world and it made me gag.  But they were really sweet about trying to make us feel better, I am really thankful.  I just hope I do not have to drink anymore oil in Ecuador.  But apparently that is how they do it in Peru.

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