Thursday, June 7, 2012

Email from 6/6/12

One day this past week, I was freaking out about a lesson that my native companion and I had to teach.  I did not know any Spanish words that pertained to the lesson, so I asked a elder from Chile who speaks English how to say VOCABULARY in Spanish so I could tell my companion that I did not have a strong vocabulary, but I would try to teach the best I could and she would probably have to help me a lot.  He said, Oh, you want to know what vocabulary is in Spanish? It is apio.  I thanked him and turned to go talk to my companion when it dawned on my that vocabulary in Spanish was vocabulario.  I turned back to the young man and asked him if he was sure apio was correct and he started laughing.  Apparently, he almost made me go tell my companion that "Sorry, I do not have the CELERY for this lesson, but I will try."  She would have thought I was so much more dumb that I really am at Spanish.
This is the same elder who one night at dinner asked me "Hermana Ellis, why you always throwing jokes at me?" (after I greeted him as el diablo)... And I think the story above solves that little question.  There is another native elder here whose favorite past time apparently is coming up with random deals he can make with me, and most of them are not in his favor.  Like the other day, he made a deal that if I let him use my English scriptures he would beat box for me....  Fool.  I would have let him use my scriptures for nothing.  He still has not beat boxed for me though, so maybe I am the fool.
Everything here is going great.  I was sick and had to go see a doctor, but no worries, it was just a doctor who was like a medical missionary from England with his wife.  We have had a few sick days here, me and my companions, but we are all better!
I still feel discouraged about the language, but I was finally able to talk to my companion in Spanish and plan a lesson!  That was huge!!  She was so excited I could speak to her, and she just kept saying how great I was doing at Spanish even though I am not doing that well.  The CCM president, President Cardon says that I am doing a lot better than I think I am doing.
My native companion, Hermana Lepez is really struggling, and wants to go home... It has been really hard.  But she is toughing it out, and if she sticks around, she will be off to the mission field this coming Tuesday.  The time with our native companions has gone by so fast.  We all really love all these native missionaries so much, all the hermanas and the elders are so great.
Remember that one Sunday morning after I talked to the high council, Mom?  And I was saying how nervous I was about being companions with a certain person/type of person?  IT IS KILLING ME!!!!  I feel like the worst person because I am so annoyed.  I am failing at having Christlike love for all people. I am praying for more love for my fellow men.  That is all I will say about that... There is more about it in a letter I recently sent home...  Sorry in advance about my negative thoughts!
There have been some really amazing things happen here, they are a lot harder to write about than all my fun stories, though.  There are lessons that we walk into and my mind is filled with Spanish words, and not just ANY Spanish words, words that pertain to the lesson!!  It has been so wonderful.  And in the short time I have been here in the CCM, I have had the most amazing spiritual experiences and realizations.  And I am so thankful that Hermana Norton is here and she does not mind hearing all my stories and thoughts.
Today we went to the temple and then did a little shopping, next week we are actually going into Lima to a market and shopping with President and Hermana Cardon.  I am really excited!!  I will tell you more about it next week.
Love you all,
Hermana Ellis

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