Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to South America

When we are in class, we are supposed to be with our North American companion (Hermana Norton and Hermana Giles) and outside the classroom, we are supposed to be with out native companions. 
My native companion is Hermana Lepez. 
She is 33 years old, and is from Argentina.  Since she is from Argentina, she has a sing-song accent that I am not the biggest fan of and it is rubbing off on me.  On night, she wanted to talk about why I was on a mission and was not married.  Aye!!  I told her my story the best I could, and then she told me her story.  She had a boyfriend, who had three kids and was a major player (story of my life).  He proposed to her, and she said no and decided to come on a mission. 
To my knowledge, she is the oldest sister missionary here and probably the most mature, which is ironic because I feel like I am the most immature missionary here.  I have introduced the game Ninja to the CCM here in Peru, and that has caused quite the riot, and I have taught the other hermanas here to start a beatbox band.  They love when I willingly make a fool of myself. 
My companion loves to sleep, as do I, but I am a lot better at getting up on time, she, on the other hand, is not.... And you know how I hate waiting for people to get ready. 
I do not understand most of what she says because she uses big Spanish words, and when I tell her I did not understand anything she just said, she talks sssssssssllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwweeeeeeerrrrrrr (slower), and I do not know how to explain to her that it does not matter how slow she talks, I still will not be able to understand her.  And when we teach, she will give me random scriptures to teach, most of which have nothing to do with the subject we are teaching.  It is kind of amusing... We will be teaching about the Word of Wisdom, and she tells me that I need to read and discuss some random Scripture in Nephi that talks about destruction.  I do not know if she is messing with me, or if she is serious.
But, despite her sleeping in and using huge Spanish words, she is the nicest person I have ever met.  She is just so kind to everyone.  She is always comforting others when I know that being here for her is hard.  She misses her family and country, but she is really strong.  She is an awesome missionary.

Yesterday, during our gym time, some Latin elders tried teaching Hermana Norton and me how to play soccer.  I will not name any names, but SOMEONE back home always said they were going to teach me how to play soccer back in my pre-mission life, but never did.  So these wonderful elders took it upon themselves to stand around and laugh at us when we attempted to kick the ball in the goal.  It was so much fun.  And even though I could never make a goal, they were impressed with how hard I could kick it. 
The elders here are really friendly, whenever we walk down the hallway, they always stop to say hi and shake our hand.  Our first day here, they tried to take pictures of us without us know it... We totally knew what they were up to... BUT, no worries, they are a lot less creepy now.

This morning, we went outside the CCM, took a bus, and found our way to the Lima Temple.  It was so wonderful!!  The drivers in Lima are like twice as bad as the drivers in Grenada.  We had to run across roads with speeding cars coming at us, and take a bus that already was too full. It was so great, though.  I love it here.  After the temple, we walked to a little Walmart-like store to buy some stuff that we needed.  All the locals just stared at us, and would gather around to tell us there names, it was a little strange.  I was not mugged or anything, though!!

The temple was tiny and beautiful, and we had to wear those little translator headphones, and we had to speak in Spanish during the whole session, which I was really stressed out about, but it all worked out.  Everyone was so nice and helpful!!

I have taken pictures down here, and was going to download them, but I do not have one of those usb/sd card adaptors.
I was the only one who had mail when we got here, everyone hated me.
My pdays are Wednesday.
I almost decided to come home due to my hair being totally out of control, fortunately, I found an outlet that works with my hair appliances.
I have quite a few breakdowns due the the Spanish language, people probably think I am bipolar.
The food here is amazing!  The dessert is awful.  When Hermana Norton and I ate the last of our American chocolate, we almost cried.  Pathetic, I know.

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