Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

     In Sacrament Meeting, our zone gets together and two lucky missionaires get to get up and give a talk in Spanish for 3 to 5 minutes... and these missionaries don't know who is giving the talks until the Branch President announces it after th partaking of the Sacrament.
     Today, I prayed TWICE that I wouldn't have to give a talk.  I tried to look as pathetic and sad as possible all day and guess what!!  I was one of the lucky missionaires!  My heart was racing when they said my name.  They asked me to go first, so I went up there and started out the worst talk of my entire life with, "Como se dice (how do you say) I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!"  And I faintly remember pounding the pulpit as I said it.  Everyone laughed at my pain, happy they weren't in my position.  Then I started saying all the Spanish words I had wrote down on a piece of paper (I coped it out of Preach My Gospel.)  Halfway through what I had prepared, I had enough.  So I stopped.  Looked up.  And finished with my Spanish testimony.  And ran off the stage, and while doing so, I tripped!!!  Okay, just kidding!  I did not trip.  My fellow missionaries were wonderful and gave me loads of compliments.  I am glad I was asked to do it, but it terrified me in the moment.
     Today we went on a temple walk and stupid Elder MaCrae (my zone leader) stole my camera and took tons of pictures of himself.  He is constantly telling me to stop being so flirty.  Thanks, Chey!
     Today my companions and I gave a lesson in English to our district.  It was nice, it reminded me of Gospel Doctrine and I missed it.  Spanish kills me.  I am getting better though!  I can actually share somethings about the gospel.  It is cool.
     When you get this, I will probably be on my way to Peru!  My goodness, where did these past 3 weeks go?
     Tell CeCe that I am sorry I have not sent her a letter, but I will send postcards when I get to South America!  South America - can you believe it?!

Okay, talk to you later!

Stacia Ellis

Here at the MTC, we have the opportunity to take 'Attribute Assessment' tests to see what we are strong in, and what we can work on - I have three thing I need to work on.  Would you like to take any guesses?  Charity, patience and humility.  I'm sure you are all shocked.
     Monday, after teaching Spanish t our teacher who was pretending to be a fake investigator, he gave us a little missionary coaching.  He was super nice, and asked if it would be possible for us to combine the principle of teaching with the principle of not being awkward.  He went on to say he could feel us building a wall of awkwardness with our eyes.  I have no idea where he comes up with these things.
     The next day, Tuesday, the most amazing thing happened.  We were teaching another lesson and I COULD SPEAK SPANISH!!  I was actually forming sentences and getting my point across.  I was also able to help my companion when she was unable to figure out how to finish a thought she started.  Everyone was amazed, especially considering how hard Spanish has been for me.  I felt like it was just a miracle.  But, as quick as it came, my Spanish skills left.  Wednesday's lesson was miserable and I could barely understand anything or say anything.

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