Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 3, 2012

I just read all the letters sent to me (we just got the first and only mail delivery so far).   I had a lot from Mom, Andrew and surprisingly Erik.  What was in the letter from Erik?  Oh, just a lovely promise ring.  Just kidding Dad, stop getting red in the face.

My biggest struggle here is feeling so stupid when it comes to Spanish - the rest is bueno (good).  But tonight, I met with one of my District Presidency members and he said, "Spanish?  Don't worry about it - the Holy Ghost speaks all languages."  Even though I feel so slow, I know the Holy Ghost wouldn't leave me in a time of need, and the Lord loves me too much to let me fail.

So, my first night at the MTC... I definitely cried, but only for 2 minutes, in my dark room before I feel asleep.  While I really like it here, I feel so alone.  And Spanish is frustrating.  It is really strange - while I do feel very alone, I feel a lot of love and support which keeps me together.

I might end up punching someone in the face, so, who know, I might come home early.

Guess who I just saw - Vai (from high school student gov).  It was great seeing someone I know here.  Oh, and guess who is Senior Companion, no not Hermana Norton or Giles - yes, me!  Actually, when they were assigning seniors I was saying "Please not me, please not me," in my head.  Then he asked me if I'd be the Senior Comp.  Personally, I don't care, but I think both my companions were disappointed.  Then he tells us he went off the alphabet, not inspiration, so no one should be offended or get a big head.

Today, we were talking to some Elders who are learning Portugese (uh... I can't spell) and some Spanish Elders told us that wasn't allowed since Spanish is better.  I hate boys.

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