Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Letter Home

May 2, 2012
Hola Familia!
Let me take you on my emotional road trip of today.
Base reading.  Up one point to arrive at the MTC.  Down two points to walk into Spanish class.  Down one point to realize I don't know Spanish.  Down one more point to realize I have to learn Spanish.  Up two point to ate some ice cream.
If I wasn't learning a new language, I would be in Heaven!  Spanish is so horrible for my mind!  I can understan what people are saying most of the time, but I'm hopeless when it comes to trying to say it.
I have two companions, we are all going to the same mission.  One, Sister Giles, from my Singles Ward Stake started a sentence with, "My Stake President warned me about getting along with my companions, and I was like, come on, I'm the easiest person to...."  Then she stopped when she glanced my direction at that point.  I hope I wasn't making an 'are you freaking kidding me' face.  My other companion, Sister Norton, is awesome, and the best part about her is that she keeps introducing herself as "Elder Norton."  I literally fell to the ground laughing the second time she did it.  She is just this cute little blonde that is really friendly.  So it is hilarious when she introduces herself as a man.  Both of my companions are from Utah.  Sister Giles is 23 and Sister Norton is 21.  We are rooming with two Sisters (Parker and Evans) who have been here for a week and we going to Tiawan (or however you spell it.)
I have so much I want to ship home!  I way over packed.  And I have stuff I want.  Namely, my sweats (gray), my white, brown and red TOMs, and that's probably it, but I'll let you know I guess.  Well, and my water bottle.
I like it here.  I mean, I love the gospel - learning about it, talking about it, sharing it.... the only trial I am having is that ridiculous language.  I used to be comforted thinking about the future, six months down the road, thinking Ill be in Ecuador with one companion, sharing the gospel, speaking Spanish.... but I don't know, Spanish isn't my forte, and it depresses me.  I guess it is only the first day, so whatever.
I am going to sleep now, but I am okay - I actually really like it here.
I love you all,
Stacia, ooops, (awkward)
Hermana Ellis
PS  My departure date from this MTC is May 22nd.  Also, it is weird because both my companion's departure dates are like June 6th.  Strange.  And my estimated mission completion date is November 19m 2013.

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