Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emails 5/17/12

Well, I need the black sweaters, but I also am hating ALL my shirts, and an elder makes fun of me because I wear strips constantly.  But I just don't know what else I have at home.  I can email multiple times a day as long as it is under 30 minutes.  I don't have Sandy's email with me...

I talked to a lady at the temple today who was about mid-20's and she went to my mission.  She told us a lot of stuff about the weather.  And I will be sending my boots and most my sweaters at home.

I need hangers!  I didn't bring any to the mtc, but they had some leftover ones here.  I dont' know if they will have them in Peru.

Also, i don't have a blanket.  Do you think the peru mtc will have one?  I just am not sure.... I don't really want to pack one, but I just dont' know...

Later that day

Okay, I need the two black sweaters.  And maybe a few cute shirts that I wore a lot if you can find any in my room.  I need like a dozen hangers.  And if you send a blanket, send a THIN one.  They have blankets here at the mtc we use.  They are are thin, and sometimes I get too hot wearing them.  So I don't know...

Some treats.  I am not going to get breakfast the morning I leave, and I don't want to spend my money.
Guess what!  I have lost FOUR pounds.  That is awesome considering all the food I am eating!  One of my companions gained weight.

All the emails today are boring, sorry.
When I went to the temple, I did not see any sidewalk chalk.  And that is against the rules.... So if Andrew did do that, they probably would have cleaned it off.
If you want to come to the airport, that is against the rules too, but I do not care if you break that rule.

I don't remember what questions you asked.... Sorry.
I hate having timed computer time... It makes me all awkward and I cannot focus.

OH!  I need desperately some undershirts from shade/downeast.  The ones that have lower neck lines and cap sleeps.  You know what I am talking about?  I need them for undershirts.  Black and white.  They usually sell them in the bookstore here, but they don't have any.  If you have time, could you pick a black one and a white one?  I don't even know where you would find those.

Story time:  The other day, I told an elder in my frustration I was going to draw on his face.  My sweet companion corrected my rude words into "She is going to draw a picture of your face."  So that night, I asked Hermana Giles to draw Elder Heaps' face.  She started drawing him, and had a camera with a recent picture we all took together zoomed up on his face when the wife of a member of our branch presidency came to visit us. And Hemana Giles just kept drawing.  The branch president was about to leave, but wanted to get a closer look, so she did, and said, "Oh, are you drawing your boyfriend?  Oh!... That is one of our elders!"  It just got so awkward as Hermana Norton and I tried to explain the situation.
The next day, we gave him the picture.  A few hours later, he awkwardly walked into our classroom, looked at me, held up a piece of paper, walked towards me, gave me the piece of paper, said, "Don't open it until I leave the room."  And walked away.  One the folded paper, it said, "To: Hermana Ellis".  And inside he had sketched a picture of my face and wrote me a little note.  Haha the drawing was horrible!!  I just started laughing and then looked up to see him standing in the doorway with an amused face.  It was hilarious.  His name is Elder Heaps and he is my age and is going on his mission to Mexico and leaves the day before I leave for the Peru mtc.  He is a cool kid.

I am sending home a memory card before I leave for Peru.  Tell Dad not to judge me or the elders in the videos/pictures.  Missionaries just want to have fun!!
Okay, I have to go!!

Love you,

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